Independent living is about opportunities—thriving as you age with people who embrace wellness, adventure, and growth.

A Day in the Life

What does a typical day look like as a Revel resident? The fact of the matter is, it’s truly up to you. Revel is designed to provide a communal experience, where residents take care of one another, live well, and feel empowered as they age. We encourage you to live life on your terms, including planning and participating in events and activities that fill your cup every day.

Our Philosophy

Life at Revel is centered around your independence with countless opportunities to learn, grow, and deepen your connections within your community. Here, you can pursue your interests and passions to embrace the beauty of each passing moment.


We are an inclusive community that encourages you to explore your beliefs, deepen your connections, and contribute through volunteering and mentorship.


Engaging classes and lifelong learning opportunities help you explore new skills, topics, and ideas, as well as share your own talents and expertise.


Innovative dining experiences and a wide range of exercise and movement programs create an environment that supports your physical health.


We provide countless opportunities to interact with friends, family, team members, and neighbors in both spontaneous and organized ways.


Whether you’re diving into a class by yourself or perusing museums in a group, we celebrate the arts as a bridge between cultures and an expansion of emotional depth.


A weekend trip with friends new and old. A family vacation with the Revel Travel Club or a seasonal residence. Revel gives you the freedom to chase familiar indulgences and new experiences.

The Revel Experience

Life is what you make it at Revel. Whether you are interested in woodworking, yoga, mentoring a student, learning a new language, exploring botanical gardens, or even teaching a class, you will have the opportunity to partake in activities that will further your growth and deepen connections within your community.

Take a look at what a month at Revel might be like—a preview of the gatherings, outings, and festive fun that you can look forward to here.

Sample Calendar


Get a glimpse of the Revel lifestyle in action. Awaken your potential and have transformative experiences or a casual relaxing afternoon. From group activities to unwinding with a book, Revel is yours to design.

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Discover true Revel Living, where hospitality, wellness, and adventure merge to create a lifestyle that celebrates you.